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Q: What is a home energy rating?
A: The home energy rating is a standard measurement of the home's energy efficiency. An energy rating allows a home buyer to easily compare the energy costs for the homes being considered.

Q: What is involved in a home energy rating?
A: Home energy ratings involve an on-site inspection by a residential energy efficiency professional - a home energy rater. Home energy raters are trained and certified by a RESNET accredited home energy rating system.

The home energy rater inspects the home and measures its energy characteristics, such as insulation levels, window efficiency, wall-to-window ratios, the heating and cooling system efficiency, and the solar orientation of the home.

Performance testing, such as a blower door test measuring door and duct leakage may be used. The home receives a point score between 1 and 100, depending on its relative efficiency. An estimate of the home's energy costs is also provided. A homeowner who wants to upgrade the energy efficiency can use the energy rating to evaluate and pinpoint specific, cost-effective improvements.

Q: Can I trust the results of a home energy rating?
A: Home energy ratings must meet the stringent standards developed by RESNET. Raters must abide by a code of ethics, rating standards of practice, and most disclose all financial interests to the client. The mortgage industry recognizes the rating to qualify for an energy efficient mortgage.

Q: What can I do with an energy rating?
A: The energy rating provides the following benefits:

When buying a home a rating allows you to compare homes according to their energy efficiency.
A rating allows you to know the energy performance of your home and identifies cost effective improvements that you can make to increase your comfort and home's performance.
A rating is required to qualify the home for an energy efficient mortgage.
A rating is required for a home to be labeled as ENERGY STAR

Q: How can I get a rating?
A: Contact All Star Energy Rater on (941)320-4260 or email us at We will be pleased to assist and advise you.